Jones Kraton H-Grips 205mm (for 710mm) & 165mm (660mm) bars in black & colors!

Jones Kraton H-Grips 205mm  (for 710mm) & 165mm (660mm) bars in  black & colors!

The new Jones Kraton H-Grips are durable, easy-to-install, and are made especially to fit Jones H-bars!
The synthetic rubber is very durable.
Deep H-Bar patterning gives you a solid grip.
34mm diameter.
Jones H-Grip expanding plugs included.
Available in black. Feels great, like a standard comfortable grip.
Also, clear version for a softer compound for those who want maximum squish!
These H-Grips for 710mm H-Bars are 205mm long and for 6600mm bars are 165mm. The grips can be used, and will work fine with the bar plugs that come in the H-Bars, but we wanted to include larger, more protective bar plugs with our grips, so that your grips won't get torn up as easily, and that's what these grips come with.

To install clean handlebar first using alcohol. Blow grips on using an air compressor, or use alcohol or hand sanitizer as a lubricant to help slide them on (make sure to let them sit for 24 hours if using a lubricant to give it time to evaporate). Then Insert the expanding bar plugs fully into the end of the bar and tighten to supplied stainless steel bolts using a #2 Phillips screwdriver until the plugs stay in place when you try to move them.