Salsa Anything Cage - New, HD and Standard

£31.00 - £35.00

*NEW* option includes rubber straps

Version with nylon straps now at reduced price.

Experience greater adventures with the Salsa Anything Cage HD! This heavy duty (HD) unconventional ‟rack” creates a flexible carrying system for attaching lightweight gear or larger bottles of water to your bicycle, allowing you to expand your range and diversify your riding experiences.

Whether you are touring, bikepacking, or just out exploring, the Anything Cage adds new capabilities to your bicycle.


Constructed of impact-resistant nylon

Carry lightweight roundish objects such as insulated Nalgene bottle holders,
thermoses, Gatorade jugs, small dry bags, and ultralight sleeping pads and shelters

Mounts to water bottle cage mounts via Salsa’s Three-Pack pattern

3kg/6.6 lb cargo weight limit

Includes two nylon straps

Cage is 149g

Option 2 is the original alloy version, does the same stand out job just a little heavier and mounts further out.

Cage is 98g, 120g with straps. 3kg/6.6 lb. cargo weight limit