Sinewave Beacon V2

Sinewave Beacon V2

New version 2 Sinewave Beacon....

All the info is here -

Give us a call with any questions re lighting, fitting or brackets - remember this unit comes without a bracket so you choose your own depending on where you position it.

Updates over Version One?
Greatly reduced flickering at low speed.

Low-brightness mode - when the toggle is in the down position only one LED will turn on, even when powered by the dynamo. This also lets you use the charger and light at the same time with less fighting between the two.

USB charger is disabled in high-brightness mode.

Controllable standlight - it will turn off with the toggle switch, rather than always remaining on until the capacitor discharges.

Standlight charges even when light is off. So if you ride all day with the light off, stop for the night, and then need a little light at camp, the capacitor will be charged and provide light when you turn the toggle on.

Blinking mode - when using battery power the light will switch between 'steady' and 'blinking' mode every time you move the toggle into the 'down' position

Taillight output powered by external battery in addition to dynamo

No resistor needed for Supernova taillight.

We've used these on races such as the Atlas Mountain Race and Silk Road Race and they performed perfectly and kept us powered and lit throughout.
A great compact unit that's easy to fit and swop between bikes.
Please note- due to the value of these they will be sent on a Special Delivery service and will require a signature.